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Simple,Comfortable and Taste

modern dining tables & chairs with quality and inspired design. Best choice for dining room. Modern and stylish furniture.

Sicotas is an internet-oriented original furniture design brand founded in 2018. Its mission is to provide you with simple and versatile, green and cost-effective home decoration solutions.Each of our products is a good blend of contemporary American style and modern minimalism, following the tradition of excellent craftsmanship and creating high-quality, cost-effective furniture products.

The Sicotas focuses on interior furniture with a minimalist and modern style that easily matches and complements other styles. The emphasis is also on functional details of furniture, multi-space adaptability and user-friendly design.

We focus on environmental protection, health and sustainability in our entire supply chain operations. And we meet the U.S. brand's production standards with a P2 level of environmental protection, which is healthy and green for both the home environment and the user. Because we believe that healthy change begins with making the right choices for the needs of our customers and the planet.

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