How to Remove Odor from New Furniture: A Complete Guide

Explore various methods to eliminate new furniture smells, helping you enjoy your new investment without the unwanted scent.

New furniture can instantly elevate the look of your home, but the strong smell that often accompanies it can be less than pleasant.

Fortunately, there are effective ways to remove these odors, ensuring your new pieces are fresh and ready to use.

Why Does New Furniture Smell?

New furniture odors are typically caused by volatile organic compounds (VOCs) released from materials like paints, varnishes, adhesives, and wood products. While the smell can be strong, it usually dissipates over time. However, you can expedite this process with the following tips. 

Effective Methods to Remove New Furniture Odor

1. Ventilation is Key

One of the simplest ways to reduce odor is by improving ventilation. Place your new furniture in a well-ventilated area, preferably near open windows or doors. Fresh air will help to disperse the VOCs and diminish the smell more quickly.

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2. Use Baking Soda

Baking soda is a natural odor absorber for furnitures. Sprinkle it generously on your new furniture, particularly on upholstered pieces. Leave it for several hours, or overnight if possible, and then vacuum it up. This method is especially effective for fabric-covered furniture.

3. Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal is another powerful odor absorber. Place bowls of activated charcoal around the room or directly on the furniture. This substance will attract and neutralize the VOCs, helping to eliminate the smell.

4. Vinegar Solution

Cleaning furniture with white vinegar is excellent for neutralizing odors. Create a mixture of equal parts water and white vinegar in a spray bottle. Lightly mist the furniture, ensuring you don't saturate the material. Allow it to air dry. The vinegar smell will dissipate, taking the furniture odor with it.

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5. Use Essential Oils

Freshening furniture with essential oils not only can mask unpleasant odors but can also neutralize them. Mix a few drops of your favorite essential oil with water in a spray bottle. Lightly spray the furniture, or place oil-infused cotton balls in hidden areas of the furniture. Popular choices include lavender, lemon, and eucalyptus.

6. Dehumidifiers

A dehumidifier can help reduce the concentration of VOCs in the air by controlling the humidity level in your home. Lower humidity levels can prevent the spread of odors and speed up the off-gassing process.

7. Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds are effective at absorbing strong odors. Place bowls of dry coffee grounds around the new furniture or inside drawers and cabinets. Leave them for a few days to absorb the unwanted smells.

8. Professional Cleaning Services

If the smell persists despite your efforts, consider hiring a professional cleaning service. Experts have access to industrial-strength deodorizers and techniques that can effectively remove even the most stubborn odors.

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9. Use Essential Oils

Essential oils not only mask unpleasant odors but can also neutralize them. Mix a few drops of your favorite essential oil with water in a spray bottle and mist the furniture. Essential oils will help mask the new furniture odor with a pleasant scent.

10. Use an Air Purifier

Consider using an air purifier with a HEPA filter to help remove odors from the air. This can be especially helpful if the new furniture is giving off strong odors. Air purifiers can capture airborne particles, including VOCs, effectively reducing the smell.

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11. Give it Time

Sometimes, the best solution is simply to give it time. The new furniture odor will dissipate naturally over time as the materials off-gas and the furniture airs out. Patience can often be the easiest and most cost-effective approach.

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New furniture smell can be a nuisance, but with these practical tips, you can enjoy your new pieces without the accompanying odor. By using household items like baking soda, vinegar, and activated charcoal, or employing professional services, you can ensure your furniture is fresh and welcoming.

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