How To Choose A Dining Table?

As we all know, the dining table is one of the indispensable furniture in daily life. A suitable good dining table, not only can easily affect the mood of the people who eat, but also can reflect the lifestyle of a family's taste.

Now there are also many dining tables available on the market for customers to select and buy, but many people do not know how they should select, this article will provide you with selection strategies and introduce cost-effective dining tables.

  • Size of the dining table

How many size dining tables do you need to buy at home? This is mainly based on the dining room structure space to decide. In general, 15-20 square meters of the dining room can be considered 800 * 1400(cm) rectangular dining table or 1000-1200(cm) diameter round dining table. Smaller restaurants, such as 10-15 square meters of small dining tables suitable for 600 * 1200(cm) rectangular or curved dining table.

In a addition, if the space at home is relatively small, or usually do not want a large dining table to waste space, you can choose a foldable dining table, if sometimes friends come to dinner, you can stretch out the dining table.

Dining Table Sets for 4 Seaters,Kitchen Bar Stool and
One-Leg Table Round Top,Kitchen Room
Dining Table Sets for 4 Seaters,Kitchen Bar Stool and One-Leg Table Round Top,Kitchen Room
  • Style of the dinning table
  1. By shape

There are many shapes of dining tables, the common ones are square, rectangular, round, oval, and some uncommon irregular shapes.

  • Square dining table is generally some compact style, because the large square dining table also does not look good, so the general square dining table is more suitable for small houses.
  • Rectangular dining table is now very popular, rectangular dining table is more versatile, basically placed in which the decorative style of the home are more suitable.
  • Round dining table is more space-conscious, because the round dining table is generally a little larger, covering a larger area. But there are also small sizes, more suitable for small spaces, or on the use of one or two people.
  1. By material

Dining table material also has a lot of common solid wood, marble, tempered glass, slate and some other materials, these can also be completely in accordance with their preferences to choose.

Modern Wooden Dining Table Set with Your
 Families to Celebrate Festivals
Modern Wooden Dining Table Set with Your Families to Celebrate Festivals
  • Dining table selection notes
  1. Table legs are stable

When choosing a dining table, pay attention to the material of the table legs, the general table legs have metal and solid wood these two, you can confirm before you buy it.

  1. Whether the corners are rounded and smooth

If you want to buy a square and rectangular dining table then pay attention to the corners, try not to choose too sharp dining table, or you can also buy a bumper to wrap up.

  1. Whether the dining table is easy to clean

It comes back to the very real life, if you are a very lazy person, then you really have to think carefully, whether the surface of the dining table you have chosen is easy to clean.

Dining Table Set of 4 Seaters, Kitchen Bar Stool Pink and
Rectangular Dining Table and Chairs
Dining Table Set of 4 Seaters,Kitchen Bar Stool Pink and Rectangular Dining Table and Chairs
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