How To Choose Bar Stools?

        Nowadays, when people are decorating their homes, they may consider decorating a bar in their homes and include the bar in their kitchen space design. The bar not only expands the space for cooking, but also gives the home the feeling of a bar, which can be used for leisure and relaxation during the week.

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Bar stool For Kitchen Island and Counter for Leisure

The size and comfort of the bar stools should be the focus of attention. However, most homeowners tend to focus on the size of the bar stools and the effect of matching them, while ignoring the comfort level. Now take a look at how you should choose the size of the bar stool and the selection should be noted when it comes to the problem.

Selection should be noted:

The height of the chair surface and the desktop should be in about 9.8to about 13.8

The chair surface and the bar surface should have a drop of 9.8--13.8, such a distance will be more harmonious and comfortable height.

Each person's height is different, so the selection needs are different.If you choose a bar stool that is too high, it will leave the user's feet in the air, resulting in poor blood circulation; a chair that is too low will also allow pressure to be concentrated near the sit bones,and hands need to be lifted in order to be placed flat on the table, resulting in shoulder or arm pain. 

Comfortable,can sit on it for a long time.

The most important thing to pick a chair is comfort. And to sit comfortably, the seat cushion of the chair is very important.Excellent seat cushion can maintain the elasticity without deformation, but not too soft, can be based on the body proper support, and thus reduce fatigue.

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Morden Bar stool For Club,Cafe House Chairs and Warm LED Light,Cafe  Cups and Menu on the Black board


The seat needs to meet the human body curve of the three-degree surface.

      Curved chair seat can increase the bottom of the thighs and hips and the contact area of the seat, so that the pressure is evenly distributed, not concentrated in a certain point. At the same time will also be slightly tilted, but also has the effect of stabilizing the pelvis, but also to avoid sitting on the chair will slide forward. In addition, the rounded seat design, can also reduce the friction and contact with the inside of the knee joint, is very beneficial to health.

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Kitchen Counter Bar stool and Dining Table Barstools

Chair fit

    In the purchase, if the chair to the sitting posture with a high degree of compatibility, the greater the chance of being purchased, for example, the chair can match the user's body movement and make different adjustments, because the user can not only have a sitting posture, if the sitting posture is very limited, the chair is useless. So the chair seat cushion is preferably softer, and the chair has a resting foot below. Easy to adjust the sitting posture.


Pay attention to the size of the space and the design style

    The material of bar chairs is mostly wood, metal and plastic.So pay attention to whether the style of the bar is consistent with the selection.

For example, the Scandinavian style bar is suitable for wooden bar chairs; simple wipe on maintenance, and the space will presents a simple style.

Light industrial style is very suitable for leather cushions, soft sitting and wipeable, usually with iron, metal bar chair legs.

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